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  1. Africa. She is generally stated to be the richest Blogger in Nigeria.

    She is also identified for her philanthropic works.
    She is a native of Nkwerre LGA, Imo State, Nigeria .She was born into
    a struggling family members, the second of seven youngsters.
    She grew up in a Christian catholic house .
    At a tender age of ten years , Linda began writing as
    a hobby . The fiction she penned down have been praised by her close friends and family members
    and more than time she cultivated a passion for news.
    Unlike quite a few teenagers her age, Linda loved watching newscasters and
    interviews and by the time the chance presented to
    attend university in Lagos, her course choice
    was decided: Mass Communication. She was admitted to study the English Language in the university to her disappointment, but she decided to make the greatest of it.

    She began modeling in 1998 and quit in 2005 to work as a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine.
    Soon after two years of toiling in the newsroom,
    she quit. She began her advent into entertainment as a striving
    model when in UNILAG. President of the Style Designers
    Association of Nigeria (FADAN) and Nigerian billionaire and oil tycoon, Folorunsho
    Alakija. She took to modeling at only 17 featuring
    in some of the most glamorous fashion shows in the nation. Talk about St Moritz Style Choice, she was there.
    She has also been to ECOFEST and completed quite a few outside advertisements.

    In 2004 , just after she completed her university education,
    she worked challenging to break into the journalism trade, launching her media business, Black dove Communications,
    a modeling agency and events management outfit.
    The name Black dove was inspired by Silverbird..a name and a bird.

    She stayed inside her comfort zone which was modeling so alternatively of being in front of the camera , went
    behind the camera by running an agency, recruiting models, training
    models, acquiring jobs for models. I nevertheless have the modeling agency but I
    am not operating it anymore . FM & B. The
    initial problem was released in 2006 and following discovering how capital-intensive
    and time-consuming magazine publishing was,
    only two more editions produced it to print.
    Linda Ikeji started blogging fully in 2007 to share issues that she was interested in with her readers.
    As a regular source for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and substantially additional, her weblog continues to attract
    thousands of visitors.

    Linda was persistent , focused on what she did even although there was no monetary return but 5 years later it has yielded fantastic profit , a talk of all.
    She located a new path , Blogging . But she persisted till 2010, when some of the stories posted
    on her blog began to ruffle feathers. At a point, Linda averaged about 1 million exceptional visitors each and every month to her weblog.
    And with that came the significantly-required recognition and substantial earnings.

    In August 2012, Forbes Africa described her as a accomplishment and a case study for
    the business enterprise of blogging. Linda has written a couple of motivational
    books. I only get pleasure from writing which has positively affected my blog.

    N3m a month from adverts from many brands and on-line ad networks,
    which tends to make her the highest earning blogger in Nigeria.

    Blogging has brought her the fame, power, and comfortability she needed.
    Her weblog serves as a supply of news, images, and information for most entertainment bloggers.
    Most persons have criticized Linda saying her weblog market rumors
    but she declines such. Linda offers genuine entertainment on her blog
    and she will generally make positive you come back for much more.
    The passion and the enjoy she has for blogging have kept her going whilst producing her earnings.

    She has mixed with a variety of significant celebs in Nigeria Dbanj, Tiwa
    Savage, and others. In 2013 she made a video
    with her sisters dancing to Antenna song showing how skillful
    and enjoyable she is at dancing. In 2014 she stated on her blog she just built a
    mansion for her parents which was mentioned to be worth millions of naira.
    In summary ,Linda Ikeji is open minded ,down to earth , persistent, hardworking
    and a function model to quite a few youths currently.
    Her Grass To Grace story is that of inspiration to Numerous each
    in Nigeria and Globally. Thousand hoping to be like
    her on their own terms.

    I imply, have you seen the space she’s built to property these
    brands? It’s pretty neat. She’s got a Tv studio, a dressing/makeup space, and a function space – all that’s left is the personnel and employees.
    Linda Ikeji has been somewhat of a sensation considering the fact that she got that N500
    million residence in Banana Island and people began to wonder where
    she got her funds from (since it COULDN’T have been just blogging, yeah?).

    We did a statistical evaluation of how she rose to fame and the one particular factor that stood out was
    consistency. Linda has been regularly blogging considering the fact that 2006,
    and her weblog didn’t pick up till late 2011 – that’s nearly six years of speaking
    to the desert with out providing up. Her consistency produced way for actual paper to
    be coming in. If you feel Linda couldn’t have afforded that house from “just blogging”, assume once more.
    A breakdown of how Linda Ikeji makes her millions shows she tends
    to make about N50 million a month from sponsored posts, custom advertisements, Google ads,
    major banners and web-site takeovers. Our Linda has large dreams and this is just the starting.
    One particular of her long term targets is to
    have a cable Tv channel, so I guess it is
    protected to say Linda Ikeji is on her way to becoming a media mogul.

    We lately announced Versus… a series of posts we will be published throughout New Years’ eve on interesting brands, tools or merchandise that have been fascinating in the past year.
    You can read our post about it right here.
    From social causes to celebrity weddings, Linda Ikeji’s weblog was at the forefront of driving on the net
    discussions and popularizing trends that were frequently overlooked
    by the mainstream media. Nicely known for its vibrant commenters and
    timely, relevant and generally controversial content, her weblog was a meeting ground
    for Nigerians on-line looking to entertain, amuse and
    go over on the net. Bella Naija, Nigeria’s extensively known on the net
    entertainment portal continued to wax sturdy this year, publishing one
    of a kind, solid content and deepening its reach in Nigeria and the Diaspora.

    Riding off of its recognition on CNN iList
    in 2010 and its pioneering spot in the Nigerian blogosphere, it consolidated on its well identified brand name
    and continued to forge into becoming an established, household name among Nigerian World
    wide web customers. Of the two blogs ,(Linda Ikeji and Bella
    Naija) which was Nigeria’s ideal entertainment blog of 2011?
    Vote now in the poll under and please let us know your thoughts about your vote in the comments section! Which is Nigeria’s ideal entertainment weblog of 2011?
    Watch out for extra CP-Africa Versus categories throughout the day!

    Right here is wishing you a content new year in advance!

    Fathia Balogun who added a year final two weeks has written to Linda Ikeji that she’s
    not 50 years old. Most news blogs reported that Fathia Williams
    was 50 years old on the 5th of February 2017 but in a private chat with
    a single of our newsmen, Fathia said that she’s not 50 years.
    The star actress mentioned that it was Linda Ikeji weblog that initially reported it
    though the other individuals followed suit.
    On the other hand, in attempting to correct the report, Fathia had to create to Linda to inform her that she is not 50 years old
    but. The erstwhile couples are birth date mates.

    So yesterday, I read about Linda Ikeji Social on LIB and I was super excited to check it out just after counting down to November 1st.
    I didn’t have time to sign up till 4:30pm or thereabouts.

    As soon as I did that, I got this e mail.

    I checked my mailbox quickly but regrettably, there was no confirmation e mail.
    It was strange and I thought my IP address was marked
    as a punishment for writing this post. I logged on to Twitter and found out a lot of people had been facing similar dilemma- Confirmation email arriving
    thirty, forty minutes later. In my own case it
    didn’t. In other words it was like waiting for the transform Buhari promised us- nonetheless no
    e mail till I left for residence. I saw the e-mail and was
    in a position to log in. I was asked to upload a profile photo quickly.

    Seeing Linda Ikeji’s face smiling at me was super
    creepy. I know this is her sweat and the name of the app is Linda Ikeji Social but whatever happened to regular ghost avatars?
    I skipped straight away just before Laura’s face
    pops up. Initially impressions…. I saw a red Facebook.

    I wanted to feel far more at house so I clicked on the settings tab to
    customise the theme to blue, the default colour of Facebook but I
    got this error in the setting web page. I returned to the
    homepage instantly. As a lover of absolutely free gifts,
    I quickly clicked on the giveaways tab. I want to chop that Banana Island cash too.

    Clearly, I am as well late for this except you guys
    want to follow me there. I can make a weblog account there.
    Next, I clicked on the shop. These have been clearly dummy information as the vendor names bore Jumia
    and Style. Even even though I like pink bags, I didn’t
    see any of Linda Ikeji Birkin Bag at a giveaway price so I moved
    to the next tab. Linda Ikeji has promised to give a whooping sum of N,1000 to customers who would submit exclusive gist to her.
    Although the value is tempting, this submit tab
    is a location I have no business enterprise with because I
    have my personal ajepako weblog to submit to. Or my Instagram web page, or my Twitter web page, or my Facebook web page.
    Cntrl V that LIB is known for. Subsequent was the advertise tab which is remodeled equivalent to that of Nairaland.
    I do not know when next I would be logging in when I nonetheless have the great old LIB to
    study and of course, my Facebook account and olx. It’s challenging to maintain up with all these social networks tbh and
    I may even neglect about LIS tomorrow. I might not. Can I find husband
    there? All issues getting equal, the largest challenge may be keeping customers on the web-site.

    Linda Ikeji net worth has been one thing of debate on the web more than the years.
    I think she now know better. Even though some think she worth so a lot, other folks think it really is
    just a sham, how could a mere blogger worth something. Nicely, the
    facts you are about to read will settle all the arguments once and for all.
    Here, we would not just mention figures, we are going to inform you precisely how we arrived at
    the figures so that your thoughts will be put to rest
    when and for all. First, we gathered a lot information and facts
    about her acquisitions. She had spent about N50million collectively on cars both the ones for herself and the ones
    for her family members, and one more N300 million for two houses for her parents.
    However, we wouldn’t base our calculations on these considering the fact that majority of the properties
    have been acquired as gifts to her loved ones.

    Nevertheless, it gave us suggestions as to her correct worth.
    For somebody to obtain 5 vehicles and two homes within a year, that individual must worth so a
    lot! Linda Ikeji blog is currently getting far more than 1,
    500,000 every day pageviews. Note: Given that AdDynamo is a
    PPC equivalent to Adsense, we decided to omit that and assume it is merged with all CPC earning.
    Armed with the above data, it was easy for us to arrive at
    Linda Ikeji net worth. Ultimately, even if Linda is
    the most extravagant spender in the globe, she will nonetheless
    have nothing at all much less than N500 million cash suitable
    now, which represents just 2013 and 2014 earning minus total expenditures.

    I imply from the copied post. Hello, I checked the post and
    discovered out you had been linking a “nofollow” link to us.
    Your hyperlink back is useless and we do not want useless link back.
    What most of you don’t know is that appropriate dofollow linkbacks even enhances your own search ranking far more than the individual
    you are linking to. Pls what we want is you to get rid of the
    article promptly. The time frame we gave you has already
    gone past and we can take action against you anytime from now.
    I guess you are the one that filed a DMCA report to me sir?
    In my own case, have offered a do stick to backlink
    but if you nevertheless want it deleted please let me know i actually do not
    wanna be having dilemma with you major bloggers once more, am just
    coming up.

    You ought to not:

    Years Old Stubborn Pile GONE! Thanks to this “Strange” Herb

    Open Jobs IT Qualified

    Death or private injury brought on by LIS’s negligence

    English (United States)

    If you do not assume they are reasonable, you need to not use the Site


    The oga at Constative is not treating us effectively at all.

    As for the backlink, I will ensure it is a do stick to. I can’t count d quantity
    of my posts folks have copied and will even rank more than me un major.

    Meanwhile thanks for not submitting a dmca against my compact weblog.

    This is over hyping, how did you confirm these advert prices over there?
    I thought you own a web site? Then you really should know more than this about details gathering.
    Nicely, we confirmed her ads rate by requesting it directly from her.
    Nothing right here that is hyping, everything is
    perfectly right and verifiable. N320 million really conservatively which will not make sense
    considering that she just bought a 600 million residence,
    you believe say N 320 million na tiny income, even N32 million na modest cash?
    Abeg rejoice, celebrate so that yours also can come. She’ll worth much more than that in an additional one year to come.
    Very good blog concerning celebrity. There is a lot of discussion about celebrity and
    also information about their net worth at Question Signal
    which is a leading query and answer web site. Linda is an inspiration to me!
    Your email address will not be published. Currently you
    have JavaScript disabled. In order to post
    comments, please make certain JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and
    reload the web page. Click right here for directions on how
    to enable JavaScript in your browser.

    Forget about her marital status, nay, hernot-too-pleasant experience in the
    game of romance so far which generally hits banner headlines.
    God’s time is the finest, just after all. It is no longer news that blogger Linda Ikeji, is one particular of the most thriving
    players in the arena in this component of the
    world. She is also the richest in the small business, reportedly swimming in millions and painting quite a few
    cities red with exotic autos and fashion labels. No matter whether the
    largesse comes from the deal alone (as a lot of doubt), the
    reality is that the platform is considered powerful enough to shield her.
    Quite a few tales of ‘’dis n dat’’ practices
    trail her! But the newest gist in town is that Linda does
    not take her subscribers seriously any longer. She is not
    the Linda Ikeji we made use of to know. All that comes from
    her stable now are recycled stories, majority of which are foreign. I
    imply, what you saw on Television the prior evening or
    early morning and however, she nonetheless deducts one’s
    tough funds at will ,’’ some subscribers complained.

    According to her she says ” Oh my! I cannot wait to finally unveil this subsequent week! What do you guys consider LIS stands for? As the countdown begins, let’s guess what ” LIS ” brand implies below the steady of Linda Ikeji Media. The most sought just after content on the net ideal now is video. As the corporation purpose is nonetheless media Linda may well considering of owning the subsequent viral like that of GT Bank’s ” Ndani Tv “, Access Bank’s ” Accelerate
    ” and other folks. The fashion sector is another lucrative venture in the creative sector. This sector really connected with media becauseall visual media outfits use costumes.

    Though the sector is overcrowded but Linda can survive and make her own traction. Lagos based event venue startup. Lets not overlook that Linda has empowered more than 50 young ladies with her self-produced project. We all have all brilliant ideas but receiving fund for that notion is massive obstacle for entrepreneur. Hospitality small business is quite profitable in this digital age. Its up to you now, what did you guess the LIS could signifies to you.. Job Vacany at Linda Ikeji Media! To Entertain and Celebrate African Dreams Each House and Diaspora. Catch all the Most current trending News, Entertainment News, Celebrity Way of life and Society News on //www.gyonlineng.com. You can subscribe to our list by means of the subscription box on the best bar of the web page..

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